The new HR 342 is a modern and well performing long distance cruiser who gives her owner great pride of ownership. But we have of course not yet formed our own opinion of the boat. Therefore we refer to the text from Hallberg-Rassy and the Europe’s largest sailing magazine, Yacht from Germany after testing the Hallberg-Rassy 342:

"The designer Germán Frers has given this bestseller more comfort and more elegant lines. The sailing performance is excellent, even in light airs, but her speed increases effortlessly in response to every increase in wind strength. She reacts instantly to steering commands, but not nervously. From the moment you set sail she edicts a feeling of confidence, a feeling that is retained even in a freshening wind. The hull and deck are completely laminated and cast together with a polyester mixture, the resulting rigidity to the hull gives the boat a more comfortable ride in heavy seas.

The high standard of the build quality is valid throughout the whole build process and is evident even to a non-expert. It is not only the precisely fitted interior joinery, the dimensions and solid feel of the mahogany with its varnished finish which is smooth to the touch. Even in those areas hidden from view Hallberg-Rassy is leading its competitors. For example the heating hoses are double, in order to minimize loss of heat.  The pressure water pump is not just fitted anywhere as an afterthought but in rubber in the already insulated engine room so that noise levels are reduced. All these things are evidence of how determined Hallberg-Rassy are to continually move the limits in an effort to provide their clients with the ideal cruising yacht.

The Hallberg-Rassy 342 is already nominated for the European Yacht of the Year award.  The results will be presented in January 2006, after thorough tests by 11 of the leading European yachting magazines.


Hallberg-Rassy 342


CE category A - Unlimited ocean voyages

Hull length

10,32 m

Waterline 9,09 m


3,42 m


1,82 m

Mast height incl. VHF aerial

17,20 m


5 300 kg

Lead keel

1 950 kg

Sail area with jib

60 m˛ 

Volvo Penta diesel engine

Type: D1-30:  29 HP

Speed under power

6 knots


165 litres


265 litres





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